Professional back office services for nonprofits and churches

Running a church or nonprofit takes everything you’ve got

Sick of expense reporting? Tired of receipt collection? Dreading year-end financials?

How much time are you spending on mind-numbing admin work?

We keep you out of the weeds so you can lead your team and focus on your cause.

We take care of administrative tasks & keep your nonprofit in IRS compliance, freeing you up to focus your time & energy on making an impact

You can continue shouldering the burden yourself. Or you can rely on Mission Pro’s trusted team of bookkeeping gurus to take care of the busy work so you can focus on your cause.


Here’s what you get

Back Office

– Bookkeeping

– Document Management Platforms

– Accurate financial statements each month

– Expense Reporting

– Receipt Collection

– Credit Card Reporting

– Budgeting & Cashflow Templates

– Year-end financials

– Compliance

– Customer Support

Custom Add-On Services

– Retroactive Bookkeeping

– Accounts Payable / Accounts Receivable

– Payroll & TIme Keeping

– Human Resources Management

– Tax Prep

– Budget Support

– Sales Tax Filing

– CFO Consulting

  • Mission Accomplish has been a complete pleasure to work with through the process of getting set up as a nonprofit. I would highly recommend joining this very effective team!

    Tracey Beal Director, School Connect
  • Having the 'backroom' time-consuming tasks done by the Mission Accomplish staff frees me up for the essentials. And the cost is far less than doing those things myself.

    Robert C. Andringa, Ph.D. Founder/Chief Encourager, Network Life, LLC
  • Having this organization come alongside me has given me the opportunity to go out and make a bigger impact for the kingdom and my community!

    Eddie Fischer Founder, Cross Stitched

Mission Pro is launching in early 2017. Fill out the form below to receive an invitation to our initial beta group.